Anticipate with Enaviga Intelligent Yacht Monitoring

Get fleet live data and real time alarms for the security of your guests.

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Modern Monitoring Devices

With the latest technology monitoring devices, being away from your boat is no longer a cause for concern.

  • Real Time Data
  • Positioning
  • Forecast Decisions

Enaviga Yacht Monitoring

Enaviga centralized all the data you can collect from all the components of your boat such as engine temperature, battery level, sounders, or any other NMEA information. You get various alerts.

All the power of the Enaviga Monitoring lays in the anticipation of inadequate behaviours, and the predictability of your fleet handling.

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Caring for your boat

  • Taking care of your boats

    Alerts and data feed the maintenance to keep the technical track of the fleet

  • Enjoying more your boats

    Avoid bad experience to your guests by alerting of up-coming/predictive events such as anchor issue, or low-battery level

  • Check-out enhancement

    Enrich your check-out report, avoid discussion

  • Connected Boat Solutions

    We are agnostic in terms of data providers. Keep using your favourite one.


Central Unit

  • Position

    Boat drifts outside a defined radius (40m to 200m).

  • Safe Return

    Notifies contacts if the boat does not return by a set time.

  • Battery

    Battery’s power drops below a set level.

  • Tilt

    Tilt increases beyond set angle.

  • Shock

    Boat hits something – set for mild or severe shock.

  • Temperature

    Internal temperature either rise or falls beyond set level.

Optional wireless sensors

  • High Water

    Bilge water level reaches a critical point.

  • Door

    If a door, hatch or window is opened or forced.

  • Motion detection

    Uses Passive Infra-Red (PIR) technology to detect a moving warm body in its field of vision.

  • Shorepower

    Loss of shore power to your boat.

  • Item security

    Valuable “tagged” assets are taken away from the boat.

  • Siren

    105db sensor will be activated in case of high water, door, motion detection alarms.

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Please leave us your contact details in order to set up a demo session;