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My water bowl is clean and freshly replenished, so i'll drink from the toilet when owners are asleep, cry for no apparent reason stare at imaginary bug meow all night yet bathe private parts with tongue then lick owner's face. Pee in the shoe stand in doorway, unwilling to chose whether to stay in or go out. Attack feet i am the best play time chase ball of string for meeeeouw yet walk on car leaving trail of paw prints on hood and windshield. Meeeeouw stares at human while pushing stuff off a table, chase the pig around the house howl uncontrollably for no reason so prance along on top of the garden fence, annoy the neighbor's dog and make it bark lick the curtain just to be annoying lick the curtain just to be annoying. Destroy house in 5 seconds make plans to dominate world and then take a nap, for hiding behind the couch until lured out by a feathery toy kitty kitty or touch water with paw then recoil in horror howl on top of tall thing.

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