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About Gulet Kaptan Yilmaz II

KAPTAN YILMAZ II, this is the name of the gulet that we recommend, considered among the most prestigious boats in Italy of its kind. The 8 cabins, 26 meters long and 7 wide guarantee a good liveability to more than 16 passengers plus 4 crew members. The all in fine wood finishing touches gives the gulet a charm of the early days, in harmony with modern technologies for a more pleasant stay on board such as air conditioning, autopilot, GPS, HF, VHF DSC, RADAR, AIS, thermal Flir room, or the system of E.P.I.R.B. security equipment constantly connected via satellite to the Harbour Offices. The kitchen, the backbone of the holiday, with smells and flavors of the lands of Sicily, will leave you with an aftertaste of melancholy as soon as you get off board.

Boat Features

  • Up to 16 guests in 0 Cabins
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Gulet Kaptan Yilmaz II
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Milazzo, Italy
Note: There may be a surchange when renting from bases other than Milazzo, Italy

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Beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful yacht

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