About Enaviga

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Enaviga began as a conversation among friends, who shared one common passion: the sea. Comprising of a host of experts in disciplines as diverse as online travel, payments, sailing, financial strategy and customer service, we have come together to create Enaviga.

As sea lovers, whe wondered why there wasn't an online platform that managed all aspects of nautical experiences. So, we pooled our skills over many a dinner table to come up with the one-stop boat rental experience.

Pulling together a sea trip doesn't have to be difficult, nor does it have to cost a small fortune to rent a bareboat or hire a captained yacht.

The world would be a more peaceful place if everyone spent at least one week a year sailing the deep blue, don't you think?

Enaviga is here to make nautical adventures easy and affordable for everybody.

We make boat rentals easy by building a strong bond between boat owners and travellers. Also, we enable boat owners to monetize their vessels more efficiently and expand their reach globally.

Meet the Team

  • François Hélard
    François Hélard
    Co-Founder & CCO


    François Hélard is the co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Enaviga. After nearly sinking during his first ever boat trip at the age of 2, his love for the water has not been deterred. François now spends the majority of his summer holidays chartering boats.

  • David Irvine
    David Irvine
    Co-Founder & CTO


    David Irvine is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Enaviga. As a keen outdoor enthusiast, David has spent many months in the great ranges and on the high seas. In his current role, David is responsible for the development and management of our in-house technical platform.