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About Quicksilver 555 Open Active

ACTIV 555 - a compact all-rounder from the Quicksilver family. With the distinctive styling, this modern and agile model packs all of the Quicksilvers brand atributes into only 5.5 meters. Dynamic design combined with uncompromised quality provides creates one of the best boats in the class. ACTIV 555 Open offers a great experience on the water with plenty of space to accomodate up to 6 people. This smart design boat is perfect for day cruising and excursions, or family water activities such as water sports, snorkeling and exploring. A versitable cockpit is suitable for cruising and dining. The design of the bow means that there’s plenty of space up front with the bonus of generously deep and wide seating. However the bow can be converted into a sundeck within seconds. A storage compartment placed under the console is big enough to store plenty of luggage, despite other smaller storage compartments, smartly distributet in the bow and the stern of the boat. The stern is also equiped with a swimming ladders attached to the swimming platforms and a handy water shower. The seats at the stern are equally comfortable with well-padded cushions. And with firm handrails reassuringly next to all seating areas, as well as high-level free boards, you can relax even more. On the ACTIV 555 Open you can enjoy all the fun and freedom of being on the water with complete ease knowing that this is a versatile, solidly designed boat with plenty of walk-around space and safety features making it perfect when children are on board.

Boat Features

  • Up to 6 guests in 0 Cabins
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Quicksilver 555 Open Active
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Trogir, Croatia
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Why Enaviga?

Beautiful place, beautiful people, beautiful yacht

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