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Enaviga is the technology facilitator for the recreational yachting industry. Supporting charter companies to provide a fluidest experience. From booking to check-out. Optimising business operations from sales to maintenance. Enaviga supports you during the off season. During the booking process, at check-in, and when it’s time for maintenance.

Whether you are, Enaviga’s technology is there to help make your life easier.

Bareboat charters & crewed yachts

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Fluidest Experience

Tackling Saturday Peaks

Connected Yacht

From Booking to Check-out

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Case Study & Fleet Manager’s words

At Enaviga we take pride in working closely in partnership with our clients. You can read more about our approach in the cases study.

One example: 43° Parallelo has found success by optimizing its check-in model to a changing yacht charter market and bareboat guests. When? During the 2019 sailing season. How? With the Enaviga Mobile Check-in/out App, to improve the Saturday experience.

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You are the first company to realize that things happen after the booking has been made, you’ve set the bar really high.

Enaviga is awesome, their whitelabel site really helped us target new customers. Yay for enaviga

This is the tool I’ve been waiting for, this app made our check-in so much smoother.